Sunday, September 9, 2012

Big Shoulders Report

Next Swim:  Monday 9/10 6PM
Note:  Diablo and I decided it's too cold and dark in the morning to continue weekday 6AM swims so we'll be swimming in the evenings instead.  If some of you want to continue morning swims let me know and I'll put it in the blog.

Last Swims:  Saturday 9/8 Big Shoulders at Ohio Street Beach in Chicago
Sunday:  1PM Klode

Water Temp:  Big Shoulders 72, Klode on Sunday 70
Waves:  Very rough and choppy for Big Shoulders, 2-3 feet with a strong northerly current on Sunday at Klode
Water Clarity: none
Big Shoulders Crew:  James, Jake, Brian, Kahuna, Patriarch
Sunday Klode Crew:  Diablo, Patriarch

Congratulations to James and Jake who both took first place in their age groups!  Also, our old friend Megan, who used to swim with us but now lives in Chicago was second woman overall and first in her age group.  These are all great accomplishments as there were many very good swimmers in the race.  With apologies to James, I would feel remiss if I didn't report the results of the annual Megan/James grudge match, which was once again won by Megan, but only by 40 seconds in a race that lasted just over an hour.  Next year, James!

Friday night the Chicago near shore marine forecast was predicting 6-9 foot waves with rip currents and waterspouts.  As so often happens with Lake Michigan predictions, it was completely wrong.  The waves were 1-2 feet at most, but it was very rough and choppy.  There must be something about beaches that are next to breakwalls that turns big waves into lots of smaller choppier waves.  As much as I've swum in big chop this year, this was worse and all during the race I was tasting  the breakfast which I had eaten three hours before.  Brian said the same thing.  Even so, we got 'er done.


Brian Ruark said...

Great to see you at Big Shoulders, Patriarch! Nice way to cap off an incredible summer of swimming in the great lake (despite a case of "chop flu"!) Thank goodness it wasn't 6-9 ft waves!

Congrats to James, Megan and all the others in the Kru who did Big Shoulders or Wisconsin Ironman!

Ben Speed said...

For those of you not nicknamed Patriarch or Diablo that want to continue to swim in the morning, I will be there at 6:00 A.M. M-F. My goal is to swim up to Halloween. Feel free to join me.

Gumdrop said...
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Gumdrop said...

To cold and dark for Diablo and Patriarch? I can understand the flight of the Loon, but Diablo, really? Aww, what’s the matter, has hell froze over?

Showgirl said...

I plan to keep swimming in the morning... Gumdrop and I have been pushing our start time back (now in the 5:45-6:00 time frame) as the days get shorter.

This morning was fantastic-- warm(er) water, good clarity, and amazing sunrise.

I like the IDEA of swimming until Halloween... though it took my hands a long time to warm up this morning. Time will tell. :)

Kahuna said...

Great, glad to hear some folks will still be swimming a.m., as the water is usually calmer at that time, and the sunrises on a good day can't be beat. Note, Tuesday, September 11th is Pizza at Lisa's night. Hope to see the gang there.