Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tea Time

Next Swims:  Monday 6AM? & 5:45PM

Last Swims:  Saturday 9/15 1PM, Sunday 9/16 9AM
Water Temps:
   Saturday 1pm: 68+ (warmer away from shore)
   Sunday 9am:  65
Air Temps:
   Saturday 1pm:  76 & Sunny
   Sunday 9am:  64 & Sunny
   Saturday 1pm:  slight chop from south
   Sunday 9am:  Calm
Water Clarity:
   Saturday 1pm:  Crystal Clear
   Sunday 9am:  Clear
   Saturday 1pm:  Diablo, Nivens McTwisp, Ron, Capt'n
   Sunday 9am: The Patriarch, Diablo, Gumdrop, Sir James, Lorraine, Kim, Capt'n

Some days I think we spend more time engrossed in conversations than we do swimming.  Some days I think the conversations are almost as interesting as the swim itself.  The swim conditions morning were quite pleasant...a glass like lake surface, a water temp warm enough for skin swimming and clear water....but for some reason I remember more about this morning's conversations than I do the swim.

There was the conversation about yesterday's "best swim ever" with only 1 crew member swimming skin and an air temp that was in the lower 50's.  (editors note...hardly what comes to my mind when I think of a "best ever" swim...).

And there was the conversation about why The Patriarch ditched the crew this moment we were greeting Diablo to the beach and the next moment there The Patriarch went swimming away as the entire crew stood puzzled as to why he didn't wait.  Comments of "why, why, why would he do that?" and "what the crap?" could be heard amongst an astonished crew.

And then there was the conversation about whether certain crew members look better in their wetsuit than without.  I won't name any of names that may have been spoken during this conversation but Sir James' name was not spoken even though he did wear his wetsuit this morning....which consequently led to a trash talking conversation about next year's Aquathon series.  (editors note....Bring it on Sir James!)

Oh, and none of us can forget Kim's conversation about how she had to rush off this morning for sex ed class....ahh, now that was certainly a classic conversation!  Oh, which reminds me...some things that are spoken on the beach are better left on the beach...which is probably where I should leave this conversation.  :)


Ben Speed said...

It was a lonely Monday morning at Klode. I was the sole swimmer. My wilderness friends, Mr. Bunny and Squawky the goose, were kind enough to cheer me on from the shore. The conditions were great. Calm water without a ripple and 62 degrees. Still great "skin" conditions. Hope to see my pals on Tuesday morning.

Gumdrop said...

6 AM-Tuesday