Sunday, September 2, 2012

Biergarten Ho!

Next Swim: Labor Day, Sunday 9/3, High Noon, followed by the Estabrook Park Biergarten

Last Swim: Sun 9/2 1PM
Water Temp:  67 (for once Capt'n got it right when he predicted warmer water!)
Waves: 3-5 feet, with a very strong current, especially on the sand bar
Water Clarity: None
Crew: Cap'n, Mike, Gumdrop, Diablo, Lorraine, Kim, Patriarch

The waves didn't look all that big from shore, but they were powerful.  As I crossed the sandbar I got thrown sideways and off balance by one breaker and then knocked on my a** and body slammed into the sand by the wave right behind. Wow!

Everyone made it back safe, although Kim gave us some anxious moments when she drifted close in front of the rock pile on the way in.  We celebrated our survival with a toast to lost goggles.  I got mine knocked off yesterday, and Kim lost hers today.

The wind is predicted to die down, but remain onshore, so I'm hopeful for continued warm temps tomorrow with smaller waves (but of course my predictions are even worse than Cap'ns).  

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Gumdrop said...

strong waves-fun time-good lat workout