Saturday, September 22, 2012

Harvest Full Moon Swim - Clearing up Confusion

Next Swim:  Sunday 9/22 - 1pm Klode

Last Swim:
Water Temp:  50.8
Air Temp: 56 & Sunny
Waves: none
Clarity:  clear
Crew:  Gumdrop, Jack with special guest appearances from Wonder Woman & Capt'n

There may be a little confusion regarding when the Harvest Full Moon Swim will be.  I've heard a few crew members mention that it's this Wednesday but according to my research it appears to be rising on Saturday 9/29 at 6:07pm with 99.0% illumination....reaching 100% full at 10:19pm.  The moon rise scheduled for 9/30 is listed as being 99.9% illumination.  (...9/29 is listed as the official Harvest Moon though.)

This is actually good news because it will give the warm(er) water time to come back.  According to the maps there still some 60ish water out there...its just not along our shore right now.  Gumdrop and Jack were real troopers today walking the plank in 50 degree water and logging a swim up to garage and back.  Sunday's forecast looks encouraging...even if the current water temp trend isn't.  :)

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Lorraine said...

Hi all. Is there a pm swim on Monday? If so, what time? Also what was the water temp Sunday?