Thursday, September 27, 2012

Call to Arms...keeping the streak alive

Next Swims:  Thursday 9/27 6PM, Friday 9/26 6PM

Last Swim:  Wednesday 6/26 5:30PM
Water Temp:  upper 50's to 60
Waves:  1-2ft rollers
Clarity: no report
Crew:  Gumdrop, Geoffrey

Gumdrop and I are in for Thursday evening's 6PM swim.  Per Gumdrop's report from Wednesday we may have turned the corner with regards to getting back some warm(er) water.  We're almost to 100 days of consecutive swims!  Today will mark our 100th consecutive day.  Who's in for this evening's swim?

Swim time for Friday evening is flexible.  Please post a comment if you have a preferred swim time for Friday.


Gumdrop said...
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Gumdrop said...

Wed.PM report;

Water Temp: High 50's -60
Air Temp: about 60
Waves: 2-3 foot energetic rollers and white caps
Clarity: shaken, not stirred Crew: Gumdrop, Geoffrey

The water warmed nicely from the morning when I observed Diablo and Showgirl call a rain date because of WTFC. This morning I observed strong westerly winds and largish waves bringing in warmer waters. Though the conditions were ideal, my heart did not feel the usual call to playful frolicking. Upon Geoffrey's arrival however I managed to summon up at least some motivation to keep the streak alive, despite diminished desire

Lorraine said...

Hi. I'm up for swimming Friday eve if the water temp is really near 60. I'd prefer a little earlier - 5:30? But I can also do 6pm if needed. What was the temp Th eve according to Capt'n's trusty thermometer?

Gumdrop said...

Fri. AM report;

Water Temp: High 50's -60
Air Temp: about high 40's
Waves: 1-2 foot playful rollers
Clarity: shaken, not stirred
Crew: Diablo,Gumdrop,Showgirl

Water is noticeably warmer a few yards off shore. Think we got our groove back.