Friday, September 7, 2012


Next Swim:  Sunday 1pm - check back Sunday morning for location
Update:  Sunday's swim will be at Klode at 1PM

Last Swims:
   Thursday 9/6 - 6PM
   Friday 9/7 - 6AM
Water Temp:
   Thurs PM - 71.6
   Fri AM - 67.2 (warmer offshore)
  Thurs PM  - gentle rollers < 1ft
   Fri  AM - Calm
Clarity: Clear
   Thurs PM - Kahuna, Wonder Woman, Ali-Kat, Sarah, Lorraine, Ele, Andy, Capt'n with special guest appearance by The Patriarch
   Friday AM - The Patriarch, Diablo, Kahuna, Speed, Gundrop, Showgirl, Geoffrey, Capt'n

It's time to cash in on our summer of swimming!!  Good Luck to all who are participating in the Big Shoulders and Ironman events this weekend.  Stay tuned for details on a date/time/location for a Pirates Pizza Night where our fellow Klode Kru mates will share their war stories.  {perhaps next Tuesday or Friday evening?}

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Gumdrop said...

Had a nice swim this morning temp felt about 70 with 1.5 foot waves breaking very beautifully about 50 yards from shore on a sunny morning. Crew-just me, the Lady of the Lake, and an old washed up tree. Good luck to all this weekend, the weather looks like it will be fabulous. I will be checking out Ironman