Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Deceptively Cool?

Next Swims: Wed 9/5 6AM & 6PM, Thurs 9/6 6AM

Last Swims: Tue 9/4 6AM & 6PM
Water Temp: 66.1 (am), 70.7 (pm....but cooler away from shore)
Air Temp: 69 & partly cloudy (am), 76 & Sunny (pm)
Waves:  calm (am), slight chop (pm)
Water Clarity:  The further from shore the better
   am - The Patriarch, Diablo, Gumdrop, Kahuna, Showgirl, Ali-Kat, Capt'n
   pm - The Patriarch, Sir James, Jack Frost, Scooby, Ali-Kat, Mr. Amazing, Linda, Lorraine, Eric, Ken, Capt'n

You ever wonder why some days the water just feels colder even though the temps haven't changed much?  For whatever reason today's temps of 67 & 70 didn't seem to provide the same comforting embrace it has all summer.  It's probably just subliminal....after all, The Patriarch did declare the end of summer in his last blog post...and the days are getting shorter...although perhaps I may have consumed a little too much grog at the Biergarden yesterday.  Ah, now that sure was a grand time we had at the Biergarden yesterday....

Of course I could throw in a theory or two...such as how warm humid air makes cooler water feel even colder....especially when the moon is still shining as the sun slowly rises from behind a bank of clouds....on a morning where you promised your crew mates a journey to see Scooby's treasure...even though the water was filled with sand and other floating particles which all resulted from heavy overnight rains....but instead of admitting to the slim possibility that you could even find the treasure chest much less see it you encouraged the crew to press on into the dark blue yonder....with you and yer crew mates clad in nothin' more than a swim suit and cap which left more to the imagination of yer fellow crew mates than it did to warm yer soul....wait...oh, darn!!! I'm out of rum....why am I always out of rum!?!?!


Esteban (Stephen) Bartlett said...

You all sound like birds of a feather. I will try to come out 6 a.m. on Friday, if you will be swimming. I will be in Milwaukee for a conference and dying for an open swim in Lake Michigan, at Klode Park. If you are NOT swimming this Friday, or are doing so another time, email me at: sbartlett@ag-missions.org if you get a chance. My name is Stephen, from Louisville, KY

Kahuna said...

To a man who apparantly is truly outstanding in his field: Excellent! You are more than welcome to join us on Friday morning. We will be there, come Hell or High Water (which on rare occasion occurs at the same time at Klode). Kru will probably be taking it somewhat easy that morning, as several of us are getting ready to race in Chicago at Big Shoulders this Saturday. Post another comment if you have questions or need any additional info.

Kahuna said...

Captain: Did the Amazing One send you any photos from Tuesday morning yet?