Friday, September 14, 2012

Shipwreck Swim Saturday 7:30AM Atwater Beach

Next Swim:  Saturday 9/15 7:30 AM Atwater Beach.  Meet in the park that is at the intersection of Capitol Drive and Lake Drive.

Last Swims:  Wed 6PM, Thu 6AM,  I presume there was also a Fri AM swim, but I have no report
Water Temps:  Wed PM 64, Thu AM 61
Waves:  Heavy Chop
Water Clarity:  Good
Wed PM Crew:  Patriarch, Gumdrop, Lorraine
Thu AM Crew: Gumdrop, Brain, Diablo

Saturday morning we'll swim out to the shipwreck Appomattox. Here is some info on the wreck.

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Kahuna said...

Friday A.M. Report:
Crew: Gum Drop, Diablo, Brain, Kahuna
Water: Clear and almost completely flat
Water Temp.: 62
Air Temp.: 50
Sunrise: 9.5 of the Official Little Miss. Sunshine Sunrise Scale

A pleasant skin swim to Cedar Grove and Back.