Sunday, September 30, 2012


Next Swim:  Sunday 9/30 11am

Last Swim:  Saturday 9/29 12pm
Water Temp:  60.8 (...but pockets of colder water just off the rock piles...)
Air Temp:  71 & Sunny
Waves:  Calm
Clarity:  clear until Mudslide...then cloudy
Crew:  Gumdrop, AliKat, Buffy, Neo, Dave, Kim, Lorraine, Capt'n

As the Klode Kru strolled down to the beach on Saturday phrases such as "Like oh, mah gahd...look at that water..." could be heard from one of the Klode Kru mates as she talked at a feverish pace on her cell phone.  Indeed, Buffy was right...the warm sun not only felt great on our backs it also made the water look very inviting this afternoon.

"Whoa!" was the puzzled exclamation made by Kru mate Neo as he walked the plank skin this afternoon.  (...the only Kru mate to complete today's adventure skin....)  Despite being greeted by pockets of colder water (mid-50's?) just outside of the Klode rock piles it was actually a pretty nice day for swim.  The sun actually made you feel a little uncomfortably warm in your wetsuit while standing on the beach...which in hindsight probably made the colder pockets of water feel like more of a shock than normal.

Note from the Surgeon General....going to loud rock concerts can adversely affect your hearing. 

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