Friday, October 3, 2008

Uncharted Territory - Thursday am/pm & Friday am swim update

As The Patriarch and I strolled down to the beach Thursday morning we found ourselves contemplating a new question. Rather than debate whether or not we'll be fortunate enough to log a swim in October we now ponder "how long can we swim into October?" Determined to find the answer we've both sworn a blood oath to continue to try every day until either the Lady of the Lake slumbers into her icy hibernation or The Patriarch's whiskers freeze off. money's on the former.

In sharp contrast to Wednesday the Lake surface on Thursday morning appeared to have been ridden over with a steam roller. The lake appearance was so flat you swore you could see Michigan if looked hard enough. The near shore water was cloudy and cool hovering in the low 60's. The Patriarch and I entered the water clad in our wetsuits and seeking to log a longer swim with the pristine water conditions. The water was a pleasant reprieve from the cold 45 degree air temp. Our swim adventure took us from north beach up to the rockpile and then back down to south beach before returning. Total elapsed swim time was around 45 minutes.

By the time 4:30 had rolled around the air temp had climbed all the way up to the upper 50's. Unable to resist the call of the Lake The Patriarch and I ventured down to Klode beach without our wetsuits. The glass like lake surface and the irresistible turquoise color of the lake were just to inviting to pass up. Without wetsuits we logged a 20 minute adventure from north beach up to the garage and down to south beach before returning to shore. With a water temp barely above 60 the adventure was a 'little' nuts....but does that really surprise anyone? ...we are, however, still pondering why we logged this adventure....

This morning The Patriarch and I arrived at Klode to find gently rolling 1-2 waves coming ashore. Testing our wits this morning, Mother Nature decided to throw her hat into equation. For the first time since beginning our swim adventures this season we could see our breath as we descended down to the beach. The air temp was around 40, the sun was flirting with the horizon and the beach sand felt like ice underneath our toes. Yet the Lady of the Lake once again opened up her playground to us with a water temp flirting with the plus side of 60. Swimming without a wetsuit was tempting....if it weren't for the fact that we could see our breath! :)

Clad in wetsuits we logged a rockpile and back adventure. With a steady current pushing from the northeast our trip up was a bit of work while the return journey was swift. I must admit, it was a bit strange swimming in conditions where it felt better to have your face in the water than out of if.

As The Patriarch's whiskers have yet to freeze off we once again plan to swim from Klode on Saturday. 1pm is the plan. October swim celebration to follow. Anyone up for it?

Hope to see you then!

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James Biles said...

Great job to the Patriarch and Cap'n. Wish I could join you this afternoon but I have plans with my son this weekend. Besides, the Fine Wench kick my butt in practice this morning, but she was kind enough to set me up with some sports and recovery supplements. Gotta love her!

Have fun this afternoon. The water should feel warm compared to the air. Enjoy!