Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Wow...what a day! The much anticipated opportunity to log a swim in Lake Michigan in October finally arrived this morning. As excited as Nahi, The Patriarch and I were to get out for a swim this morning the Lady of the Lake appeared to be even more excited than us as she greeted us with sizable waves in the 2-4ft range and occasionally delivered a monster 5ft+ wave. This morning's swim was certainly going to be more of a mosh pit party than a stroll through the park.

Accompanying the big waves was a grey sky and an air temp hovering in the upper 40's. Despite the feet numbing sand the 3 of us were very pleased to find that the water temp was little changed from yesterday.

Wanting to savor every minute of this morning's swim by spending as much time in the water as possible we each decided to wear our wetsuits....going in without them would have certainly resulted in a much shorter swim with the cold air temp and water temp in the low 60's.

After a few minutes of wading through an onslaught of waves moving quickly in from the northeast we finally succeeded in making it out to our traditional swim start on top of the second sand bar. Our roller coaster like swim this morning took us from north beach up to the rockpile and back and lasted nearly 40 minutes.

After a brief chilled celebration to commemorate this historic swim we were pleasantly surprised to run into Sir James and The Fine Wench. Both were venturing down to also log a historic October dip in the lake. Sticking to their code of never wearing a wetsuit, they logged a successful 10 minute swim without wetsuits. ...very, very impressive! :)

The Patriarch and I will be looking to continue our October Lake Michigan Swim adventures Thursday morning at 6:30am.

Come on out and enjoy the fun!

PS. Swim conditions pending....there are currently rumors that a little beach celebration may occur this weekend...perhaps Saturday afternoon? Stay tuned.


James Biles said...

The Fine Wench and I both agreed, it was insanely fun! We didn't realize how numb our bodies were because we were having such a blast in the 3-5 foot waves. Oh, but when we got out of the water .......

irondetermination said...

Congratulations to you two for achieving your June to October (and possibly November???) swims in Lake Michigan!!!
Thanks for the beach party invite but I will have family in town and I think there's a honey-Dad-do list for him to tackle. Have fun splashing around on the beach!