Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday's Showers Don't Slow Dos Locos

Raw...that's the best way to characterize the conditions as The Patriarch and I arrived at Klode on Sunday. Grey skies, a steady rain, an easterly breeze around 10mph and an air temp around 55. Still we couldn't shake the memories of yesterday's phenomenal swim conditions. Determined to swim but respecting mother natures challenge we jumped into our wetsuits in the Klode parking lot. Immune to the rain and cool breeze we ventured confidently down to the beach.

With the current pushing up from the southeast we decided to swim from south beach. While the water was a tad bit cooler than yesterday it was still very inviting...particularly with a wetsuit on. If I had to guess I'd say the water temp was in the 60-62 degree range.

The swim south down from south beach to the stair case was a bit choppy but nothing a determined swim stroke couldn't easily overcome. The water clarity and color remained remarkably enticing although a little cloudier than yesterday...although I'm sure the grey skies didn't help matters.

The return trip to south beach was virtually effortless. Even a half hearted swim stroke was enough to propel you forward like a torpedo. In total today's adventure lasted approximately 45 minutes.

The Patriarch and I plan to log our next adventure from Klode at 6:30am Monday. Anyone interested in joining us?


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