Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crystal Clear & not so comfortably cool

The conditions were beautiful Wednesday evening. Crystal clear water, a smooth glass like lake surface and the fall colors illuminating the Klode bay. As inviting as the scenery was the water temp wasn't quite so appealing. The initial toe test indicated a slightly cooler water temp from yesterday...most likely in the 58-60 range.

Determined to log a swim The Patriarch and I climbed into our wetsuits and slowly walked the plank. The initial facial plunge into the water was a bit of a shock but upon reaching the garage the water temp became a bit more hospitable....not too mention the crystal clarity of the water was just to enticing not push onward.

Our journey Wednesday evening took us from north beach up to the garage, back down to south, south beach and then back to Klode. By the end of our 30 minute adventure I had become quite comfortable in the water but unfortunately for The Patriarch an equipment malfunction with his wetsuit (i.e. his wetsuit zipper had come undone....) made for a chilly swim experience.

Our plan is to swim again Thursday evening at 4:30pm. With sunny skies the experience will certainly become even more visually stimulating than it already is!


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