Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We definitely need to come up with a nickname for James. Icebreaker, Ice Man, Penguin, or something.

Last night he and the Cap'n and me jump in without wetsuits. Brrrrrr... Cap'n and me said "uncle" after 15 minutes, but the amazing James was in for over half an hour.

Then this morning (I lied when I said we weren't going to swim in the morning any more), the water is even colder. James says forget it, it's too cold (he doesn't have a wetsuit). So he heads up the bluff and Cap'n and I don our wetsuits for a rockpile swim.

We had the rising sun on the east, the lake bluff blazing autumn colors on the west, and crystal clear water below. It was quite enjoyable.

But when we get back to the beach James is there. Apparently he can't resist the call of Lady Lake either. One of us! Only crazier if that's possible. He had done ten minutes without a wetsuit. If that's not crazy enough, now he's headed to St. Croix for a five mile swim in ninety degree water (I'm not sure that's really any better than sixty - pick your poison, hypothermia or heat exhaustion).

Anyhow we need to find him a swimming nickname. Suggestions welcome.

We'll be swimming tomorrow, Wednesday, at 4:30 PM at Klode. The forecast is 56 and rain, and the water sure won't be any warmer. I guess that's why we're Dos Locos. Tres Locos?

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James Biles said...

We are crazy! It was cold - frigid. But what's even crazier is I'll probably be there Wednesday for on last (sub?)60 degree dip. 24 hours later, it will be a 90 degree dip in the beautiful Caribbean!