Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sharp Contrast

What a difference a day makes. Gone this morning were the enormous waves that provided ample thrills and challenges the past two days. Instead The Patriarch and I were treated to a glass like lake surface with occasional speed bumps rolling gently to shore.

The entire Klode scene appeared to be hung over from the excitement encountered the past 48 hours. The sky was grey leaving the rising sun little chance to illuminate the lake as we swam this morning. Water temps were just a tad bit cooler again...most likely in the upper 50's to around 60.

The water was cold as we walked the plank clad in our wetsuits but after a few minutes of swimming we were able to acclimate ourselves to the conditions. This morning's journey took us from north beach to the rock pile and back with a detour out towards Michigan on the way back as we searched for clear water. There was none to be found. The water was consistently cloudy with visibility at 2ft at best.

The Patriarch and I plan to swim next at 6:30am Thursday morning. Water clarity, day light, and air temps are forecasted to improve....

Hope to see you Thursday!

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