Saturday, October 18, 2008

Reoccuring themes

Just a tad bit cooler than the last day....that's the statement The Patriarch and I have made just about every day this week as we performed the traditional 'toe test' just prior to our swims. It's as if the Lady of the Lake is testing us, ratcheting down the water temp just a degree or two each day in attempt to find our threshold where we'll cry uncle and throw in the towel on the swim season.

...but as The Patriarch's whiskers have yet to freeze off and the water temp hasn't slipped into the winter hibernation mode where the 'toe test' results in the unmistakable sensation of pin & needs our Lake Michigan swim adventures have continued.

Thursday evening's water conditions were a tad bit choppy with waves pushing from the north east. Water clarity was fair with visibility at times reaching 5-6ft. The water temp was most likely 60...tops. Our swim journey Thursday took us from North Beach to the rockpile and back. Probably a little further than we should have pushed in the cold water but as this may have been our final opportunity this year to log a rockpile adventure we couldn't resist the temptation to seize the moment.

Friday's noon time conditions were crystal clear water clarity and a water temp hovering most likely on the minus side of 60. The lake surface was slightly rippled with an occasional wave rolling to shore. Our swim adventure took us from north beach to the garage and then south to south beach before heading back to north beach.

The air temp Saturday afternoon was a cool 54 degrees but the bright sunshine did wonders to make it feel and appear to be much warmer. The water clarity today was a bit mysterious. In some spots it was crystal clear and in others it was filled with sand reminiscent of our swims in big waves. The winds from the east were light and resulted in only small waves of a foot or less. Water temp was most likely in the upper 50's but again noticeably cooler than yesterday. Today's swim adventure took us from North Beach to the Garage, down to south, south beach before returning to North Beach.

Unlike the past few days, warming up today immediately following our swim was not a problem. The bright, warm sun did wonders to instantly heat you up after just a few minutes out of the water.

Sunday's plan is to swim at 1pm. With a forecast for slightly warmer air temps and plentiful sunshine chances are good we'll be able to give it a go tomorrow.

Any takers?


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