Monday, October 13, 2008

Hard Core

I thought Cap'n and me were hard core, still swimming in the middle of October. But James put us to shame yesterday, swimming almost two miles in nothing but a speedo and goggles! No cap, no wetsuit. Amazing.

Of course we couldn't let that challenge go unanswered, so after swimming a mile with our wetsuits, Cap'n and me returned to the beach, ditched the wetsuits and did another quarter mile. It wasn't too bad, but I doubt I could have matched James' feat. I'm not sure what the water temp is, but low 60's at best.

What's even more amazing is that the leaves are falling and we are still swimming at all, much less without wetsuits.

We're going again today at 4:30 PM at Klode (we've given up on morning swims, it's just too dark and too cold)

====Saturday's Swim Report ===
The water conditions Saturday were similar to those posted above for Sunday...perhaps a degree or two cooler but definitely managable in a wetsuit. The Patriarch and I swam first from North Beach up to the Garage. In search of clearer water we swam south. At first our goal was just to make it to South Beach but in the comfort of our wetsuits we continued on all the way down to the stair case before heading back to north beach. The adventure lasted an hour and covered 1 1/2 miles....was it really October 11th?

Upon arriving back we found Sir James just getting back from a 20 minute swim...without a wetsuit! Amazing...simply amazing!

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James Biles said...

No cap, no wetsuit, and, you forgot to mention, no brains!