Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Adrenaline Rush!

Wow! Monster waves! Scary fun!

We swam yesterday morning, yesterday afternoon, and this morning. Each time the waves were bigger. This morning the lake administered a real thumping. Mike joined Cap'n and me for a rip-roaring ride. We were tossed, flipped, sucked in, spun around, knocked on our butts, and spit out.

Getting out was a struggle against huge waves and currents. When I finally made it onto the beach I looked back to see Cap'n trying to swim against the current. He was going backwards! Hilarious!

I wish I could go again tonight, but I can't. I'll bet the Cap'n could be lured in if anyone wants to give him a holler.

We'll be at Klode at 6:30Am tomorrow (Wed) morning.

P.S. Perry, good to hear from you. I'll bet the surfing is awesome!

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