Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bonus Swim

Saturday morning Cap'n and me did the Lapham Peak Colorama run, and then headed to the beach.  We were astonished to find warm, perfectly clear water.

In we went, without wetsuits.  We swam 3/4 mile before we started to get chilled and figured it was time to get out.  Here are some pictures:

We headed to the Capn's hideout, where the chill quickly faded in his hot tub.  A bottle of champagne and a couple of shots of Killepitsch also helped.

This was meant to be our end-of-the-season celebration, but of course we'll keep going until my whiskers freeze.  We both have plans and the forecast is dicey, so I'm not sure what time we'll go today, sometime later in the afternoon probably.  If you're interested, post a comment, or shoot us an email or give us a call. 


Perry Nagle said...

hey guys - hope you've had a good swim season, sorry i've been awol. full time surfing these days. i'm still in the lake several times a week and will be until the ice comes. you oughta see the penguin-eye view of the ice shelf in the winter, bobbing amongst the bergs - unreal. but it's not the same w/o you lunatics out there... take care, perry

mmcgann said...

Monday AM 50F air, 2-6 foot waves, 65F water predicted???? I am up for a 6:30AM swim if any one eles is. Mike WFB