Saturday, July 15, 2017

Surf's Up and So is the Water Temp

Next Swims:
* Sunday 7/16 noon
* Mon - Fri 6AM & 6PM

Last Swims:
Sat 7/15 1PM
Water:  55 clear a little choppy
Crew:  Not sure exactly, I came and left early to go see the Blue Angels which was good but disappointing in that three of the six Blue Angels were grounded with maintenance issues.  Anyhow as a result I didn't see who was all there, but I know a few:  Magic Mike, Drangonfly, Molly, Drew, Liz, Itch, Patriarch, apologies to those I missed

The warmer temp is going up and so are the waves.  3-5 footers predicted tomorrow.  The good news is that big waves often bring in warmer waters.


Showgirl said...

And... now there's this:

But the water's going to be really warm! :)

Moondawg said...

Sounds like great windsurfing weather!

Steve said...

51 in Racine this morning and they cancelled the swim portion of the half ironman. And I was sure klode was always the coldest beach in the lake!