Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Glorious Fourth

Next Swims:  Wednesday 6AM &6PM, Thursday 6AM & 6PM, Friday 6AM & 5:30PM

Last Swim: Tuesday July 4th, Big Bay Beach
Water:  60 clear, a little choppy,  but lots of twigs, leaves and pollen in some places, easily avoidable
Crew: Mike, Eric, Showgirl, Wet Taco, Handyman (Angryman?) Hank, Mitch, Itch, Drangonfly, Phoenix, Foxy Roxy, Kahuna, Moondawg, Capt'n, Ziggy, Diablo, Patriarch

A beautiful day and warmer water had swimmers crawling out from whatever rock they've been hiding under to play in the warm sun at the beach.  A large contingent completed a one way swim around the point to Atwater Beach, 1.2 - 1.5 miles, depending on whom you ask and how straight you swim.  The rest of us did an out and back from Big Bay.  All our accomplishments were toasted, multiple times by some (I'm beginning to worry about us).

Fortunately nobody got hauled away in a paddy wagon for swiming which may or may not be illegal at Big Bay, or for alcohol on the beach, which certainly is illegal.

With the warmer water I suspect there will be more people at the morning swims, well at least Capt'n and I will be there 6AM tomorrow (Klode).  I feel like the best part of the season has arrived.

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