Thursday, July 20, 2017

Life as a Retiree

Next Swims:
*Thu 7/20 6PM
* Fri 6AM & 5:30 PM
*Sat & Sun: tentatively noon, but please comment if you have a preference

Last Swims:  Thu AM it was raining and thundering so I did not go to the beach and I assume no one else did either, but maybe I'm wrong?

Wed 7/19 6PM
Water:  71 small waves and OK clarity
Crew: Kahuna, Sonnakahuna, Mike & his daughter Katie, North Shore Nancy, Nanook, Magic Mike, Itch, Molly, Lorraine, Kristen, Patriarch

Wed 6AM
Water: 68 calm and clear
Crew: Capt'n, Showgirl, Panini, Patriarch

My day yesterday.  Swim with the Kru in the morning.  Go home and get Matriarch and then we go to breakfast with an old friend at the Simple Cafe (yum!).  Go home and knock off the NYT crossword. We jump on our bikes and go to Bradford Beach, where Matriarch relaxes on the beach while I do a short swim.  We eat lunch on the patio and bar next to the beach house.  (Surprisingly good!).  Pedal home and take a nap to rest up for the evening swim.  Living the retirement dream.

The Great Lake Plunge ( is coming up July 30th.  They have extended registration to July 28th.  Enter "procrastinator" at checkout for a $10 discount.  I would describe it as sort of a low key Big Shoulders (which is full).  I am going and Drangonfly too and hopefully others too.  


crash said...

God, the life of a retiree sounds just awful, Greg. ;)

Showgirl said...

Greg's life is obviously full of meaningless activities designed to stave off the dismal ennui of retirement. I will now resume my search for the bottle of vodka I keep in my desk drawer.

Dragonfly Riffraff said...

Oh you needed that back?