Monday, July 3, 2017

Big Bay on the 4th

Next Swim: Tuesday July 4th noon at Big Bay (5000 N Lake Drive at Pallisades)

I did some research on the internet, which of course is infallible, on swimming at Big Bay.  I found that there are actually two separate adjoining parks.  The southern half is a Whitefish Bay village park called Buckley Park which does not permit swimming (altough I would question whether Whitefish Bay has any jurisdiction at the shoreline or in the water).  The northern half is Big Bay, a Milwaukee County Park which is listed as a Lake Michigan swimming beach on the Milwaukee County parks website.  At the shore the boundary between the two is about 100 yards south of the pier, which puts us well within Big Bay Milwaukee County Park.

Last Swims:  Sunday July 3rd noon (I believe there was also a 9AM crew, if so please blog your swim.)
Water : 54 Clear with one foot waves
Crew: Itch (skin), Mike, Eric, Drangonfly, Mr. Anonymous, Kahuna, Patriarch

A bit cooler than we prefer, and disceptively rough, but still a very nice swim.  A few got as far as mudslide.

I'm sorry to report another tire has appeared on our pristine beach.  We called in our Environmental  Restoration Expert.  Kahuna carefully assessed and analyzed the situation and concluded, "Nothing a little C-4 can't handle".  I'm a little worried about him but we may need his legal expertise if the WFB  popo gives us any flak.

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Showgirl said...

Other last swim: 9am Monday
Water 50.3F chop and current out of the north
Clarity: excellent
Crew: Showgirl
Shore Support: Phoenix, Squeeze o'Showgirl
skin/suit: 1/0

It was a weird combo of fog and sun this morning. After I took the temperature, Phoenix declined to swim. I didn't feel like putting on my wetsuit. I also didn't feel like going home without swimming, so I did a quick skin swim around the rock pile. The current out of the north carried me along, and the water felt great, tho cold. As we were standing on shore a couple of guys in a canoe paddled out of the fog, on a trip from big bay.