Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Experiment

Next Swims: 
  • Wednesday (7/5) 6PM
  • Thursday (7/6) 6AM & 6PM
  • Friday (7/7) 6AM & 5:30PM
  • (note:  all swims from Klode Beach)

Last Swim:
  • Wednesday (7/5) 6AM
  • Water Temp: 60+  (DECENT!)
  • Water Clarity:  Crystal Clear
  • Waves:  Calm
  • Crew:  Diablo, The Patriarch, Crash, Forger, Ziggy, Rosa, Capt'n
  • Skin/Suit:  6/1

After our second consecutive warm winter, a warm sunshine filled spring and a hot start to June a betting man would have placed his money on a warm start to our Lake Michigan swim season.  Looking back at our blog posts from prior years, history would have certainly been on the side of the betting man.  Holding true to form though, the Lady of the Lake has been anything but predictable.  The cold start to our swim season has resulted in the terms "Baltic!", "Bollox!" and "Flah, Flah, Flah" becoming the common words of choice to reference lake temps than "Ah, alright", "Decent" and "Roastin".  Perhaps an indication that the Lady of the Lake disapproves of the mutinous Kru members who have defied the Pirates code and attempted to proclaim new nicknames?

As an experiment this blog post references only original nicknames.  If the lake temperatures continue their recent trend upwards this must surely be a sign that the Lady of the Lake views the use of original nicknames favorably.  If the lake temperatures again plummet to 'Baltic!" this is surely a sign that the Lady of the Lake still remains upset over the mutinous declaration of self proclaimed nicknames.  So to summarize this experiment....if the lake temps continue their favorable trend upward we should continue to use only original nicknames.  If the lake temps plummet to 'Baltic!' we should no longer use the new nicknames.

My plan is to return to the lake Thursday morning to continue this experiment....stay tuned!


Wytosk said...

Ye shall remain named as is, says someone whose nickname references the moisture level of an intensely private body part. See you tonight.

Kahuna said...

The law has always been thus: Women get to veto their nicknames, guys, not so much, they might be stuck.

Moondaug said...
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Lorraine said...

I'll be there at 6p tonight!

Moondaug said...

BS. There is no such mention concerning nicknames in any of the piratical articles of; Captain Bartholomew Roberts's articles, Captain John Phillips's articles, Articles of Edward Low and George Lowther, Articles of John Gow, or Articles of Henry Morgan and other buccaneers. As far as the Lady goes, sometimes me thinks she just prefers more chill.

Lorraine said...

Hey. Current weather is calling for rain right at 6p (not at 545 and not at 615).

Showgirl said...

I think it's going to blow over. :)

Lorraine said...

I didnt realize I am carless today. Hopefully I can make it tmr eve.

Wytosk said...

The water last night was fantastic. Even after taking steps near the beach, no clouds of sand or plant life. Just the clearest (and warming) water I've had the pleasure to swim in. It's happening, Kru!