Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Stormy Wednesday

Next Swims:
* Wed 6PM
* Thu 6AM & 6PM
* Fri 6AM & 5:30PM

Last Swims:
Tue 7/11 6PM
Water: 63 calm and clear
Crew: Kahuna, Phoenix, Panini, Laura, Wet Taco, Mike, Lorraine, Itch, Patriarch, plus there were five other swimmers in wetsuits who arrived after we were in the water, I'm not who they were.

Wed 7/12 6AM
Water: 53 choppy and clear
Crew: Diablo
Taking the water temp and then scampering for cover: me

With all the thunder and lightening and rain this morning you might think no one swam, but you can never count out Diablo.  He managed to take advantage of a short lull between storms at 5:30 and squeezed in a short swim.  Surprisingly, despite the storms, the water remains very clear.

Congratulations to Laura for her longest Lake Michigan swim ever.  Not long by our standards, but every swim a little further.  Go Laura!

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