Monday, July 10, 2017

Too. Much To Ask?

Next Swims:  Mon thru Fri 6AM & 6PM

Last Swims: Sunday July 9th noon
Water:  55 clear and calm
Crew: Phoenix aka Crash, Moondawg aka Iceman aka Gumdrop, Jackie, Kahuna, Showgirl, Capt'n, Drangonfly, Itch, Liz, Molly, Lorraine, Kristen, Patriarch

Monday July 10th 6AM
Water: 54 clear and calm
Crew:  Diablo
Overseeing My Domain: Patriarch

After Saturday's amazing swim I guess it was too much to ask for a repeat on Sunday.  Not that it was a bad day, a month ago we would have killed for a day like this.

After I got done whining to myself (no one else would listen) I got mad.  Damn it, even though I would normally don a wetsuit at 55 I decided to man up and go skin.  It was a short but nice swim and the hot sun warmed me up quickly.  So it wasn't so bad after all.

Storms started the day Monday but they mostly passed by 6AM.  I didn't think anyone would be at the beach but I was awake so I decided to head to the beach anyway.  When I arrived Diablo was leaving.  He reported cold water near the rocks but warmer offshore.  I didn't want to swim alone but I decided to head down and at least get a temp reading (54).  Not another soul was on the beach so I declared myself the Emperor of Klode.

I'll be back to try again at 6PM.

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Mike Halloran said...

Eric and I swam out earlier on Sunday (7am). To Big Bay and back. Glassy surface, bright sunshine, ~57 degree water. Idyllic.