Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Laura Makes It Official - Almost

Next Swims:
*Tue July 25th 6PM
*Wed 6AM & 6PM
*Thu 6AM & 6PM
*Fri 6AM & 5:30 PM

Last Swim: Tue 6AM
Water:  68 with 1 foot gently rolling waves.  No visibility because of stirred up silt and sand from yesterday's big waves, but not gunky like yesterday and much less debris.
Crew: Panini, Mr. Anonymous, Scuby, Laura, Mr. Anonymous

Today Laura acomplished a major step towards becoming a full fledged Kru Member.  She completed the round trip to Sewer Pipe.  Congratulations Laura!  But of course before we can consider her an official member she needs a swimming nickname.  The sand is open for nominations.


Kahuna said...

A few nominations:

How about "Valaria" or "Valerie", both of which I think roughly mean "valiant."

Or "Princess Valiant"?

Or "Matilda" (after Roald Dahl's diminutive dark-haired heroine, who became quite brave, after she discovered her secret powers).

Unknown said...

Where do you guys meet? In town- from Atlanta- and would be up for 6:00 AM open water swim Thursday. My hotel is downtown Milwaukee.

Kahuna said...

Dear Unknown Swimmer -- Willkommen in Milwaukee! We hope you can come swim with us. Lots of detail about the group and where we swim is available in the links in the column on the right side of the blog (scroll down past the picture of the bottle). Swims typically occur at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Typically (unless expressly indicated on the blog as to a particular swim), we swim to and from the beach at Klode Park in Whitefish Bay (Google it). We typically gather at the east end of the Klode Park parking lot at the appointed time, then walk down to the beach together. Hope you can join us this evening or tomorrow morning. Should be "big water" tonight (waves 3-5 ft.), and therefore fun! -- Kahuna

Showgirl said...

Hopefully the Unknown Swimmer won't end up in the Tomb of the Unknown Swimmer if he or she enters the water tonight. :)