Friday, July 7, 2017

Shock And Awe

Next Swims:
* Today Friday July 7th 5:30PM
* Saturday July 8th 1PM
* Sunday July 9th noon

Last Swims:
Thursday 6PM
Water: 64 clear and a little choppy
Crew: Drangonfly, Wet Taco, Phoenix, Eric, Itch, Kristin, Molly, Mitch, Anna, Showgirl, Lorraine, Moondawg, Super Hera, Patriarch

Friday 6AM
Water: 49(!), clear and calm
Crew: Kahuna, Rick, Julie, Debbie, Diablo, Drangonfly
Shore Support: Patriarch

I am shocked that the water temp fell 15 degrees from 64 last night to 49 this morning.  But I am awed that people swam anyway, including two skin swimmers, Rick and Diablo.

The good news is that the wind has shifted onshore and is expected to remain onshore all day.  So the warm water could come back as quickly as it left.

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