Thursday, July 13, 2017

Cold Spell

Next Swims: Friday July 14th, 6AM & 5:30PM

Last Swim:  Thursday 6PM
Water: 50 clear and calm
Crew:  Itch (skin), Danielle
On Shore Waiting For Warm Water to Return: Panini, Wet Taco, Patriarch

The cold spell we've experienced the last few days continues.  A couple brave souls swam anyway. Itch of course but also Danielle who hasn't swum with us recently.  They jumped in like it was nothing and swam to picnic table.  Impressive.


Danielle Johannes said...

Honestly, don't think I even made it to the Picnic Table...I'm a little freeze baby.
Great time with you fellow swimmers! See ya soon.

Lorraine said...

Pls nix my ask for a later swim on Sat. I wont show until water is back in higher 50s.