Wednesday, June 8, 2016

This Isn't a Fashion Show

Next Swims: Thurs, Fri 6/9&10,  6am

Last Swims: Tuesday 6/7 - Diablo kept our streak going, and
Wednesday 6/8 6am
Temp: 51.3
Waves: medium chop out of the north, with the occasional bigger wave
Clarity: cloudy near shore, excellent offshore
Crew: Itch, Diablo, Kahuna, Super Hera, Showgirl
Streak Days: 8

"This isn't a fashion show," said Kahuna, looking remarkably like the Unabomber.

We swam north to cedar grove against the wavy chop.  In spite of the waves, the sky was blue, the water was clear, and the rising sun sparkled on the water.  It was beautiful.

My particular favorite moment of the early morning was when I heard those three little words that are my favorite in all the world.  No, not "I love you."  My favorite words:  "You were right," as spoken to me by Kahuna regarding our Saturday altercation about the flowers. 

And to add some educational/folkloric content to the blog, Itch educated us about found pennies:
If you should find a penny face up, pick it up for a day of luck.
If you should find it face down, leave it lay on the ground.

Upcoming Important Events (this Saturday June 11th):


Kahuna said...

As indicated in Monday's blog comment section, I'm selling tickets for Saturday's SMC BBQ. How about an 11:00 shipwreck swim, then BBQ and Beer on the bluff immediately after?

I'll repeat my prior post here:

Shorewood Men's Club 45th Annual Bar-B-Q

Yum. Yum. Yum.

What's better than going for a nice swim in the lake, seeing a historic shipwreck, then coming back to shore AND HOLY COW, THERE'S A RACK OF BBQ RIBS, OR A HOT CHICKEN DINNER, AND A BEER WAITING FOR ME!!!! WOW, WHAT COULD BE BETTER?

I have tickets for this Saturday's Shorewood Men's Club BBQ at Atwater Park. Currently, I have BBQ Rib Dinner tixs (just $13 each), and BBQ Half-a-Chicken Dinner tixs (just $10.50 each). It's cheaper to buy from me, then at the door. The money raised goes to scholarships and other worthy projects. Send me an email ( if you want to reserve tixs. Thanks!

Kahuna said...

For those of you who haven't heard, Greg's mother passed away on Monday. Here is a link to the obituary:

rsm said...

Kahuna--it is a fashion show on the 10th when they will be filming swimmers. No unabomber look. I have become aware of some other highlights of the "Around the Corner' filming, and it is imperative that the Klode Kru shine. They filmed WFB's garbage pickup service yesterday (on my block -- I hid inside, but several neighbors came out for their 15 minutes of fame). Whaaaaa???? A show aimed at showcasing WFB and they are choosing to tell the public television audience we have garbage collection???? SMH.

Steve said...

What time is the shoot on Friday?

Kahuna said...

Steve -- I understand that the shoot is currently scheduled for 9:00 a.m. on Friday (despite several efforts to get the producer to re-schedule to a more logical time). The forecast for sustained winds out of the East over the next 24 hours suggests we could get some warmer water temps tomorrow morning. (Hhhhmmmm, time for me to break out that thong I've been saving for a special day?).

rsm said...

Kahuna--that would get you some prime 'coverage' on the tv show!

Kahuna said...

That would make it a fashion show of sorts on Friday. Or maybe SMH wants Kahuna to go back to Kahuna's "it's not a fashion show" normal look?

Report on today's swim:


Next Swims: Fri June 10, 9am?

Last Swims: Thusday 6/9
Temp: 52.1
Waves: some rollers
Clarity: a little riled up
Crew: Mr. Anonymous, Diablo, Panini (not sure if she went in, or just supported from shore), Kahuna
Streak Days: 9
Suit/Skin: 3/1

I'm not the blogger, so I'm scraping the barrel here. Mr. Anonymous returned today, so that was nice. Dark clouds and lots of seagulls greeted the Kru this morning, and the water, at first, did not look inviting. The Meat-o-Meter 5000 indicated an air temp of 53, and water temp of 52. As with most days, once we got in, and got going, and the pretty sunshine came out, it was absolutely "na ba." Actually, it was really nice coming back. A slight current from the South as we headed North resulted in my popping my head up and saying to Diablo "birches already?" Sorry, given how sleepy everybody was this morning, that's about the best stupid quote of the day. Looking forward to the shipwreck swim on Saturday at 11:00. Note that at 9:00 a.m. Friday, June 10th, MPTV will be at the park, to interview/shoot the Capt'n and whomever else can make it for the John McGivern Around the Corner show. Not a great time of the day for most of the Kru I'm sure, but hopefully we can have a decent turnout, so it's not just the Capt'n standing there, with a bottle of Pitsch, saying "trust me, people do come and swim with me, I do have friends, I am a leader, I'm not just making it all up, I didn't just hallucinate it all, believe me!"

Other upcoming important Events (this Saturday June 11th):

crash said...

And, the Atwater buoy has a pulse again!

Showgirl said...

I'm not going to be able to make the 9am thing tomorrow. But I will be there at 6am (Friday), and at 11 on Saturday. :)