Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Friends of Yoga Moms

Next Swims: Wednesday - Friday 6AM 6/22-24

Last Swims:  Monday June 20, 6:00PM - - Loraine, Gumdrop, Bryan, Steve, no details known

Tuesday June 21, 6:00 am
 Water Temp: ?
 Waves: none
 Water Clarity: Excellent
 Dead Fish: None in the water, plenty stinking up the beach
 Crew:  Diablo, Mr. Anonymous, Scooby
 Skin/Suit: 1/2  <-- guessing based on experience
 Streak: 20 days

I did not swim this morning, but I did receive this lovely text update from  Diablo:

Dear Bloggerbee -
This morning swimming was brought to you by the Friends of Yoga Moms.

Special mention goes to Mr. Anonymous and Scooby for their participation and long time commitment to the Swim Society of South East Wisconsin.

Although the Kru did not have a clear understanding of the water temp, that didn't stop them to formalize a fantastic swim to Cedar Grove.

Clear water, no waves, stinky fish on the beach, sunny and... enormous flies.


Lorraine said...

Last swim was Tuesday (instead of Monday) at 6pm. Gumdrop, Lorraine, Nanook, Handyman Hank, Northshore Nancy, Bryan, Two-?? (am blanking - two-what? is this Steve?);
Water was totally calm, about 60-61 degrees
Most of the stinking fish were gone except under water near the shore around mudslide and still some on the beach near the rocks.
I think it was 4.5 suits and 2 skin.
Aside from being a little on the cold side, it was near perfect swim conditions - several of us lingered in the water, looking at the sky, etc before swimming to shore.
And I have to brag one last time (today, anyway) about my new T1 extreme sleeves from desoto (https://www.desotosport.com/products/t1-extreme-sleeves) - I HIGHLY recommend them for those who don't like the shoulder constriction of a full wetsuit. I wore a sleeveless full suit with the sleeves and got the coverage of a full suit with NO shoulder restriction!!

Lorraine said...

Oh- and water was clear!

Gumdrop said...
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Gumdrop said...

Don forget 2-ply

rsm said...

Lorraine--I was going to ask you about those sleeves! My arms were frigid and I think the sleeves would prove most useful!