Monday, June 27, 2016

Good Start

Next Swims:  Tue-Fri, June 28 - July 1st, 6AM every morning
Wednesday June 29th 6PM
Maybe other evening swims - check back
Correction:  In yesterdays blog entry I put a swim on Wed June 27, Wednesday is the 29th, not the 27th

Last Swim:  Monday June 27 6AM
Water Temp: 60/61 "decent"
Waves:  Calm and smooth
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew:  Linda, Crash, Diablo, Capt'n, Forger, Christa, Panini, Showgirl, Nivens McTwist, Patriarch
Suit/Skin: 5/5

This season is off to a really good start with much warmer lake temperatures than the same time last year.  Except for the smelly dead little fishes, which are mostly gone, it's been great.  I'm looking forward to a Big Bay swim sometime soon - stay tuned.

Welcome back to our good friend Linda who is visiting on her annual sojourn from Lake Erie. She is looking for people who would like to swim earlier than 6AM, please comment if you are interested.


rsm said...

Hank and Nancy are contemplating a swim this evening. Depends on when Hank returns from work.

Paula Gilson said...

I'm new to the group-swam last night at 6 pm at Klode. Water was warm enough but choppy to me!
Looking to swim tomorrow morning (Thursday) early-5:15/5:30.

Kahuna said...

Looks like a nice forecast for Wednesday evening. I plan on going down to the beach, provided
we can figure out some way to get me in or out of the Lake.