Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Full Moon in the Parking Lot

Next Swims: Thurs - Friday 6AM 6/22-24

Last Swims:  Wednesday 06/22, 6AM
Water Temp: 57
  Waves: none
  Water Clarity: Excellent
  Dead Fish: None in the water, plenty stinking up the beach
  Crew:  Nivens McTwist, Cap'n, Showgirl, and Diablo, who comes and goes like the night.
  Skin/Suit: 3/1
  Streak: 21 days  <-- now this is a streak to maintain!

It was a quiet morning at the beach.  The cooler water at first made us think we wouldn't swim very far, but in the end, we all swam to mudslide, though I think Nivens swam a bit further.  Diablo was just scampering up the beach as we returned.  I'm starting to think he's avoiding us.

When we got up to the parking lot, I noticed a car near mine that was running, but appeared to be empty.  A small, red, sportscar.  I tip-toed a bit closer and spied a tangle of arms and legs.  I would recommend that these folks ditch the sportscar and get a minivan.

I forgot to mention one of the highlights of Monday morning's swim:  two deer frolicking along the shore.


rsm said...

sounds like there was plenty of frolicking going on at the lake, both by deer and humans in sports cars. some folks find their exercise in different ways than jumping in a cold lake!

Patriarch said...

Wednesday afternoon, a report from the other side. We are staying at a resort right on the breach in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Seashore. A gorgeous mile and a half long beach. Water 68 and crystal clear. Exiting the water a hot tub and a cold beer were just steps away. Living large. I may not come back. Patriarch

Showgirl said...

Patriarch! Better leave now, while you still can. All that comfort will make you weak, like the people in Wall-e.

Kahuna said...

Kahuna innocently asks his doctor today, "since everything looks so good now doc, I can do some swimming, right, if I don't put any weight on my gimpy leg?" to which the smiling doctor replies "sure, you can swim now that your stitches are out." Disastrously, Sqeezakahuna has come along to the appointment, and narcs on him, asking the doctor "you know, your saying that means he's going to go swim in Lake Michigan today?" Traitor! Why did Kahuna ever marry her! Doctor looks at Kahuna like he is less than mentally well-balanced, and says, "hmmm, well, I don't want you swimming for another week then." Curses! Crud! Time to seek a second opinion from Dr. Nicholas Riviera?

Gumdrop said...

Here is a link to a story about the brain eating amoeba (which can be caught from swimming in warm bodies of water) some were asking about.

Lorraine said...

Anyone want to do a Friday eve swim? Conditions should be great - water temp keeps warming (and should continue if winds stay in same direction) and should be close to calm. I can do anytime at/after 5:00p.

Patriarch said...

Thursday. M-22. Perfect day. Sex. Breakfast. Bike. Lunch. Kayak. Swim. 71 Roastin'. Crystal clear. No rocks. No bugs. No alewives. Just endless sand beach. Hot tub. Beer. Sex. Bloody Mary. Dinner. Ice cream. Sex. Sweet dreams.

Gumdrop said...

You sound delerious, I think you need a good cold swim.