Thursday, June 2, 2016

First Morning Swim of the Season!

Next Swims:  Friday at 6am

Last Swim: Thursday June 2nd, 6am
Water Temp: 50.6 per Kahuna's thermometer, 50 or 51 per Showgirls toe test
Waves:  None.
Water Clarity: Very good
Crew: Showgirl, Kahuna, Panini
Shore Support: Crash
Wetsuit/Skin: 3/0

It was an amazing, beautiful morning for a swim. After dislodging a flock of seagulls (not the band) from our spot on the beach, and hemming and hawing whether to declare it "Baltic", we suited up and got in.

The water surface was like glass, and very clear.  Kahuna and I swam to the second birches, Panini went to garage.  It was a fantastic swim.


queenofcurryland said...

This is what the internets tells us about the Pitsch!

"Sometime toward the end of WWII a promise was made to celebrate a new begining with the invention of a brand new and exciting drink. "If they don't "KILL" us now, we have a chance to "PITSCH" a few more. "KILLEPITSCH, " the name was born. Shortly thereafter the trade embargo was lifted on occupied Germany and Willi Bush, a skilled distiller was able to shop the world for the precious ingredients he needed for his new liqueur. He selected more than 90 fruits, berries, herbs and spices which are used for this delicious herbal liqueur. 84 proof makes it a truly dangerous concoction. The Busch Distillery, situated in the heart of old Duesseldorf, had produced traditional drink specialities since 1858. In the early 1950's, "KILLEPITSCH" was launched."

It is ironic that we have chosen this as our flagship drink!

Gumdrop said...

Welcome to Bizarro world.

Gumdrop said...

P.S. Diablo and I logged a swim yesterday morning, one skin, one suit.