Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Kru's First Underwear Swim

Next Swims: M-F, 06/13-17, 6:00 AM

Last Swims:
Saturday 06/11, 5:30 PM
Sunday 06/12, 3:00 PM

Saturday 06/11, 5:30 PM
Temp 54-ish.
Waves: none
Clarity: Excellent! Amazing!
Crew: Panini, No-Ply, Crash, Brent, Handyman Hank, Showgirl
Shore Support: Gumdrop
Suit/Skin: 2/4 (again, just the Ladies were skin)
Streak Days: 11
Shots:  8

Saturday was our first double-dip day of 2016. We had such a great swim earlier, that we decided to do it again at 5:30pm.  We all were hoping that the heat of the day would have warmed up the water, but alas, no.  It was still a stunning swim.  The water clarity was incredible, no waves, so we swam south to avoid the crowds of people enjoying the beach.

You may have heard of Milwaukee's underwear bike rides?  Well, Handyman Hank created the undwear swim Saturday evening.  He arrived at the beach only to realize he had forgotten to put his trunks on.  Though Gumdrop offered up a spare speedo, HH balked at that.  Instead, he gamely ditched his shorts, put his wetsuit, and went for a swim.

It was also a gender bending swim as Brent made his 2016 Klode debut wearing his wife's wetsuit.

And... I redeemed myself be bringing the 'pitsch to the second swim.

Sunday 06/12, 3:00 PM
Temp 55
Waves: 1ft swells
Clarity: zero
Crew: Panini, Kahuna, Gumdrop, Diablo, Neo, Cap'n, Nanook, Showgirl, Austin, Valerie
Shore Support: Crash, SqueezaShowgirl
Suit/Skin: 8.5/1.5
Streak Days: 12
Shots:  16+ 'pitsch and kringle
Numskull Swims: 1

The amazing water conditions of Saturday left us today, and we heard the sound of waves on the shore as we headed down the ramp.  The water was rough near shore.  Offshore there were medium-large swells out of the north.  In spite of the conditions, plenty of us swam, and the return trip was fast.  (Kahuna's lava pants count as the half in the suit/skin tally.)

Several of us did the Locust Street Beer run, so the tally on the numskull swim may be up for debate.


queenofcurryland said...

queenofcurryland said...

But our group is way cooler!

queenofcurryland said...

But our group is way cooler!

Showgirl said...

That group has a LOT of rules and regulations. And we don't need that!

But they do have their own website...