Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Splash, Splash, Splash, Boom

Next  Swim: Wed., 6:00 AM
Next Swims: Thurs., 06/16-17, 6:00 AM

Last Swim:
Temp: 58.3 (per the Meat-O-Meter 5000)
Waves: swells 1-2
Clarity: Low.
Crew:  Mr. Anonymous, Kahuna
Suit/Skin: 1.5/.5
Streak Days: 14

"O what a beautiful morning, look at those pretty puffy clouds up in the sky to the South, and look, the temp chart looks very promising, I bet the beach will be crowded this morning! Onward to Klode!"  Wait, 6:00 AM, and just Mr. Anonymous' sleepy face greets me in the parking lot?  What's up with the Kru?  

At the beach, the water was looking grey and kind of swelly,  But the Meat-o-Meter reports 58.3!  Hooray!  (Even if the dark swelly water doesn't feel like 58.3)  The sky is getting darker, but we didn't come here to just look at the Lake.  Hop in.  Quickly loose sight of Mr. A in the swells.  As the current is coming from the North, it takes awhile to get the half mile to the birches.  No Mr. A in sight.  Head back.  What's this?  Drip, drip, drop little April shower?  Fat chance.  Remember the opening credits in Gilligan's Isle?  More like splash, splash, splash full-blown June down pour.  Get back to the rocks, shoot the gaps, and what do my wondrous eyes behold?  The Spaniard waiting to pull me out, shaking his head at my stupidity!  What are you doing swimming in thunder and lightening?  I honestly said I hadn't heard or seen any.  So lesson for the future, when you are out for a swim, and it whips up that fast and that hard, maybe its wiser to exit the lake where you are, for a nice jog on the beach.

Everybody got wet in the park today.  Including the scantily clad work-out group members.  Kahuna gallantly offers to give them rides in his car, so they can get out of those wet clothes, but they all responsibly decline.    

And for those who didn't make it Saturday for the shipwreck, Beer and BBQ swim, here's what you missed.  Cheers!

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