Friday, June 24, 2016

Showgirl Swim-a-versary

Next Swims: Friday  6/24 5 PM (or later-- post suggestions to blog)

Saturday, Sunday 1:00 PM both days

Last Swims:  Friday 06/24, 6AM
  Water Temp: 62
  Waves: medium chop/waves out of the north
  Water Clarity: good
  Dead Fish: RIP little fishes, and good riddance to you
  Crew:  Forger, Cap'n, Nanook, Sarah, Kristy, Showgirl, Diablo
  Skin/Suit: 4/3
  Streak: 23 days

Today was another beautiful, sunny day at the beach.  It was a wee bit of a struggle against the waves to mudslide, but we did it.  I expected the return trip to be easier than it was.

I hope everyone is enjoying the ToAD bike races around the area.  Shorewood was last night, and there are more the next three days (Bayview, Downer, Tosa), here's the schedule:

Lorraine is planning to swim tonight at 5PM.  If that time doesn't work for you, post alternatives to the blog coments.

I didn't see Mr. Stealthy, aka Diablo, at the beach or in the water this morning, but that doesn't mean he wasn't there.

Today is my swim-a-versary-- the anniversary of my first swim with the Kru back in 2010.  Lake Michigan swimming will change your life. For the better, of course.


rsm said...

5 would be too early for Hank and Nancy (not to be confused with Sid and Nancy). But, IF THE BUOY EDGES PAST 65, I may convince the Mister to swim when he gets home from his bike commute. That would put us somewhere between 6 and 630. it would be hard to say no to warm 65+ weather.

Lorraine said...

It just edged past 65! Gumdrop and I are swimming at 5pm.

rsm said...

showgirl--was it THE swim where you got your nickname as well?

Lorraine said...

Water was 70 degrees at 5pm according to Gumdrop's duckometer - it was a little colder about a foot down. Gumdrop, Lorraine and Ryan left at 5:15. Itch passed us but we didn't see him til he returned. Two more swimmers came around 6:30 (Hank and Nancy?). There was a slight chop. Water clarity: good. I think 3 skins and 3 suits. And 6 shots thanks to Itch!

Kahuna said...

Ahhhhhh, your killing me!

rsm said...

70s at 6. Hank and NS Nancy went skin. rolling waves that made it an excellent workout. Thanks to Itch for leaving a couple of shots on shore for us!

Kahuna said...

That should be "you're" killing me (I thought I would make that correction before Gumdrop did).