Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Patriarch Returns!

Next Swims:
   Friday 6/14 @ 6AM...and perhaps 6PM
   (please comment if you plan to come at 6PM)
   Saturday 6/15 @ noon
   Sunday 6/16 @ noon

Last Swims:
   Thursday 6/13 @ 6pm
      Water Temp:  64 (per the Patriarch-o-meter)
      Air Temp:  60 & breezy
      Waves:  Occasional 1-2ft
      Clarity:  stirred up near shore, clear offshore
      Skin Count: 1
      Pitsch Count: 3
      Crew: The Patriarch, Showgirl, Sir James, Capt'n

The Patriarch has returned to action!!  ...and his hard work over the long winter months has him in rare form.  This became shockingly evident to the Kru this evening when The Patriarch asked the Kru "Arrg, is that me Booty!?!?!"....could this have been the first time The Patriarch has seen his booty or was he just trying to show off for Showgirl?  Also highlighting this evening was Sir James new 2013 attitude...he may not talk trash to your face but his new wetsuit will!  Better read it quick cuz you won't see it for long once he gets in the water.  Of course I would be remiss if I didn't mention Showgirl.  Many thanks to Showgirl for the special show to commemorate The Patriarch's was a very thoughtful gesture indeed!   ....really sorry we weren't ashore at the time to see it.

   Wednesday 6/12 @ 6am
      (posted by Gumdrop)
      Water Temp: Mid 50's
      Air Temp 6o something
      Waves: Smooth
      Clarity: Good
      Crew: Gumdrop,Heidi,Show Girl, and mystery person

Heidi and I swam skin, as Show Girl (ironically) swam suited up, for a trip that took us about half way between Cedar Grove and Mudslide. MIA is Mr. Ducky, I'm afraid one of the seagulls may have made off with him :(.


Geoffrey Bergmann said...

I'll be there tomorrow (6/14) at 6 PM.

lftc said...

Hi swimmers, here from the Pacific ocean, want to try a lake swim-I swim year round with La Jolla swim club-how far is your swim take off from Mishawaka? South Bend. Any other swims that I could investigate?
Thanks so much!
please text 760.224.3968 if you have info

Patriarch said...

I will be there at 6PM today (Friday).

Laura, we are a LONG ways from Indiana. I don't know of any groups down there, but there are a couple in Chicago, here is one:

Showgirl said...

I didn't want this morning's lovely swim to go unposted, PLUS it was Kahuna's first morning lake swim of the season.

Last Swim:
Friday 6/14 @ 6am
Water Temp: 60-ish?
Air Temp: Hi 50's, breezy
Waves: Annoyingly (to me) Wavy, 1-2ft out of the north
Clarity: Murky
Skin Count: 2 (Heidi, Gumdrop)
Crew: Kahuna, Showgirl, Heidi, Gumdrop

Unknown said...

I will be there Sunday at noon : ) Klode park right? Do you meet up on the beach? (Sorry so many questions.. never been there before.)

Lookin forward to it! Tammy from MN

erun said...

Hi Tammy- they meet down at the beach. If you park in the lot, follow the stairs or the path down the bluff and they'll typically be off to the right (south).

Ryan said...

Hey lftc:

I had the pleasure of swimming from La Jolla Cove last week. The water was great, but certainly different than Lake Michigan. Whitefish Bay is about a 4 hour drive from Mishawaka without any Chicago traffic. You'd be better off looking for somewhere to swim in the Chicago area (the Oak Street Beach is a very popular swim spot and even has some bouys set up to mark the swim area). The closest place to Mishawaka is the Eastern shore of Lake Michigan. The stretch from New Buffalo up to St. Joseph, MI has amazing beaches, but I'm not familar if there are any groups that swim regularly.