Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Own Lake Michigan Swim Event?

Next Swim: TBD

Last Swim:  Gumdrop reported a swim at 6AM on Tuesday, water temp 48, clear and calm water.  He also proposed a swim for 6AM today, I'm not sure if it happened.

The call of our Lady of the Lake is being heard by more and more swimmers.  Big Shoulders is almost full.  Only 80 spots left in the 5K.  If you want to sign up now is the time:

Coach Dave feels that this is an opportunity for us to have our own Lake Michigan swim event right here in Cream City.  I volunteered to be on the organizing committee.  There is much to organize.  We'd need to get approval of one of the lakeshore communities (probably Shorewood as many of us live there), and we'd need lots of volunteers with boats and kayaks for safety.  It would be a lot of work, but a lot of fun too.  What do you think?

P.S.  Riverwest Beer Run on Sunday 11:30AM


Gumdrop said...

Anyone know if I can swim Big Shoulders signed up for the "no wetsuit" race but change my mind at the last moment if conditions seem to cold?

Patriarch said...

Nope, they allow changes until a few days before the race, but not at the last minute.

Jeff said...

I'm registered for the 2.5k race. I also think we should try to put together an official race off Klode. I loved Pirate Steve's Pirate Plunge, but the logistics of getting people a mile out into Lake Michigan are a bit daunting...but I'd be all aboard getting something started in Milwaukee.

Jeff (aka Jack Frost)

Showgirl said...

Even as I want to keep Lake Michigan swimming small and exclusive, I would do whatever I could to support such a fabulous event. It sounds like a great idea.

Chicago has Big Shoulders, Milwaukee has..... Big Bellies? haha. I kid. Shorewood could have a shipwreck swim.

Heidi said...

Hi, I wondered if there is a swim planned tomorrow or Sunday. I recently moved here from Laguna Beach, CA, and am eager to get back in the open water with a group.

Kahuna said...

How about a noon swim on Saturday from Atwater? Shorewood Men's Club Chicken and Rib BBQ cookout is tomorrow at Atwater. A nice swim to the wreck (looks like the lake is 55), then a nice picnic lunch?

Heidi says she's eager to get back swimming with a group, but she hasn't met our group.

Big Shoulders . . . Big Bellies, ha!

Realistically, if we want to do a race, we'd have to start planning it now for 2014. But I like the idea. What's the name for of the race? Let's have a contest. He (or she) who comes up with the best name gets to buy the next bottle of Killepitsch!