Thursday, June 13, 2013

Please Join me at 6PM (today Thursday 6/13) Klode

I just stopped at Big Bay (a.k.a Back Bay, a.k.a. Buckley Bay, depending on which map or sign you believe).  Temp 61, one foot waves, poor water clarity, stirred up from last night's storm.  Could not swim, but will tonight.  Please join me (at Klode, not Big Bay).  Rumor has it that Cap'n will come and Showgirl will show.

Tammy, whoever you are, you are welcome to join us!

I believe Gumdrop and others plan to swim at 6AM tomorrow (Fri 6/14) at Klode.


Lauren (WonderWoman) said...

I will try to swim tonite... Although I like it at 63 degrees better :) 2 more to go!!

Unknown said...

Patriarch~ Thanks for the invite! I'm traveling from western MN and will arrive in Milwaukee on Sat. afternoon. I will follow your blog and hopefully be able to join the swimmers then or Sunday?

Thanks! Tammy

Lauren (WonderWoman) said...

Ugh- I cannot go tonite after all, I have to wait on Time Warner to switch my cable over from nice house to ghetto rental

John Taylor said...

I was with the group last year that swam with your group from P3 & Tri Ozaukee. I think some of us will start to join you on Mondays again if that is OK.