Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Good Signs

Next Swim:  6am Wednesday 6/11 (weather permitting)

Last Swims:

Tuesday 6/10 @ 6pm
   Water Temp:  60.2!!
   Air Temp:  72 & Sunny
   Waves: rippled lake surface
   Clarity:  Exceptional
   Crew:  Capt'n with special guest appearances by The Patriarch, Gumdrop and Wonder Woman
   Pitsch Count: 4
   Skin Count: 1

Sunny Skies, air temps comfortably in the 70's, a gentle breeze and kids swimming in the lake with inner tubes....all great signs that preceded this evenings swim.  Of course a water temp reading above 60 for the first time this year was an exceptional surprise!  While my swim this evening may have been a bit lonely the welcome back to shore wasn't.  Joining me to celebrate today's pleasant conditions and the signs of good fortune was none other than The Patriarch who is preparing his official proclamation for his return to the lake as we speak!  ...also joining in on our festive celebration were extra special bonus guest appearances by Gumdrop and Wonder Woman.  Stay tuned for upcoming posts featuring Wonder Woman who will answer all those deep dark mysteries that you may be wondering about.  :)

Tuesday June 11th @ 6 AM
   (posted by Gumdrop)
   Water Temp: Mid 50's (though It felt warmer than yesterday)
   Air Temp:6o something
   Waves: Smooth as silk
   Clarity: Good
   Crew: David, Gumdrop,Showgirl

Monday June 10th @ 6 AM 
   (posted by Gumdrop)  
   Water Temp: Mid to high 50's (though It felt colder than yesterday)
   Air Temp 6o something
   Waves: a little bit of playful waves
   Clarity: Kinda cloudy
   Crew: Gumdrop,Heidi

Sunday June 9th @ 2pm 
   (posted by Gumdrop)
   Water Temp: Mid to high 50's
   Air Temp 6o something
   Waves: None
   Clarity: Somewhat clear
   Crew: Heidi, Gumdrop, Josh, Jeff, Sir James


Gumdrop said...
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Gumdrop said...

Next swim: Friday 6 AM
Water Temp: Mid 50's
Air Temp 6o something
Waves: Smooth
Clarity: Good
Crew: Gumdrop,Heidi,Show Girl, and mystery person

Heidi and I swam skin, as Show Girl (ironically) swam suited up, for a trip that took us about half way between Cedar Grove and Mudslide. MIA is Mr. Ducky, I'm afraid one of the seagulls may have made off with him :(.

James Biles said...

My 6 PM swim was 5 minutes too late. Arriving at Klode at 5:35, I donned my running shoes and did a quick 20 minute run. As I arrived back at my car, the first rain drops fell. But no problem, it's only rain. But then I heard the thunder. But wait, it's off in the distance. I probably have about 30 minutes. Shoes off, grabbed my bag to walk down to the beach when I saw the lightning and lots of it! I should have swam first!

Unknown said...

Hey. I want to swim in Lake Michigan with you! I am coming to your area this weekend and I've never even seen Lake MI before. I'm an old (50)lap swimmer who loves to swim open water. May I join you? Tammy : )

Showgirl said...

Anyone up for a 6pm swim tonight (Thursday) ? I could go earlier, too. I'll be there unless the weather turns bad.

Tammy: Yes, swim with us! Google Klode Park in Whitefish Bay, and meet in the parking lot at the time posted in the blog.

Kevin said...

Are these open to anyone? Is there some hazing involved?

James Biles said...

All are invited. No hazing 'cept by the Lady of the Lake...and she is unpredictable and cruel!

I will be there tonight (Thursday) at 6 to swim....hopefully without the t-storm that foiled me yesterday.