Saturday, June 8, 2013

Livin' Large

Next Swim:  Sunday June 9th @ 2pm (if it's not raining)

Warm-up events Sunday 6/9:
   Rock-n-Ride, South Shore Duathlon @ 8am
   Locust Street Beer Run @ 11:30am

Last Swim:  Saturday June 8th @ 12pm (Atwater Beach)
Water Temp:  57.2
Air Temp 64 & Partly Sunny
Waves: None
Clarity:  Clear
Crew:  Gumdrop, Kahuna, Sir James, Heidi, Capt'n with special guest appearance from The Patriarch!
Pitsch Count: 4
Skin Count: 2
Strip & Dip Count: 2

Livin' Large...indeed that the Klode Kru was today!  We took our show a few miles down south to Atwater Beach to venture out fer a ship wreck swim and to plunder the spoils of the Shorewood Men's Club Parrrty. 

Joinin' the Kru fer her first ever swim in Lake Michigan was Heidi who is a seasoned vet of the Southern California Pacific Seas.  (...did ya' now that the nights can get as cold as 37 down there...and even at that temp Heidi is rumored to have ventured out fer a swim!)  Not surprisingly Heidi walked the plank and swam skin this afternoon.  Indeed she will fit in quite nicely with this Kru...welcome aboard!!

The water temp of 57 accompanied by calm and clear water conditions were a pleasant surprise....nearly perfect for exploring the Shipwreck.  Following our swim several of the Kru members walked the plank a second time sans their wetsuits before enjoying our customary round of Pitsch. 

Of course if yer a Kru member you know what it's like to be a winner...and to the winners go chicken dinners (...or if you prefer BBQ rib dinners...) a pint or two of grog, abundant sunshine and festive music.  All were waiting for us as we returned from our swim....which of course we took full advantage of while we shared stories of mermaids and plundered treasure.  Indeed we are livin' large!


Gumdrop said...

Next swim: Monday 6 AM
Last Swim: Sunday June 9th @ 2pm Water Temp: Mid to high 50's
Air Temp 6o something
Waves: None
Clarity: Somewhat clear
Crew: Heidi, Gumdrop, Josh, Jeff, Sir James

It was a great day for a swim, with some blue sky and sun. 3 skin swims were logged and 4 suited up (Sir James went twice,one skin, and one suited).

Gumdrop said...

Next swim: Wednesday 6 AM
Last Swim: Monday June 10th @ 6 AM Water Temp: Mid to high 50's (though It felt colder than yesterday)
Air Temp 6o something
Waves: a little bit of playful waves
Clarity: Kinda cloudy
Crew: Gumdrop,Heidi

This mornings swim took us to the first staircase. Heidi swam skin and I sported my speed tube w/vest (no bow tie:-). The temp felt like low 50's to me for most of the way, which I'm sure must be some kind of record (for our group) for a skin swim. Now I'm really feeling the Lady of the Lake calling and can't begin to understand how one could resist. Tomorrow looks like a great forecast so I could just possibly be talked into a 6 AM swim tomorrow. See yous at the beach-sometime.

Showgirl said...

What about Tuesday morning? :)

Gumdrop said...

6 AM it is.

Gumdrop said...

Next swim: Wednesday 6 AM
Last Swim: Tuesday June 11th @ 6 AM
Water Temp: Mid 50's (though It felt warmer than yesterday)
Air Temp:6o something
Waves: Smooth as silk
Clarity: Good
Crew: David, Gumdrop,Showgirl

James Biles said...

I'm thinking of a Wednesday 6pm swim if anyone wants to join me. I also plan on a run either just before or right after the swim.

Gumdrop said...

Hey James, if you do, run afterwards, otherwise cramps can happen while swimming after running. I can say that it is no fun being in the deep drink when your muscles suddenly decide not to work. Stay safe.