Thursday, June 20, 2013

Super Duper Full Moon Swim Sunday

Next Swims:  Saturday 6/22 1PM, Sunday 6/23 8:30PM

I've apologize for falling behind on my blogging duties.  I have some bums staying at my house and I can't rid of them.  If my brother and his wife don't leave soon I'll have to make them walk the plank.

Anyhow, let's swim Saturday at 1PM.  Sunday is "Super Full Moon", meaning that the full moon coincides with the moons closest approach to earth, creating a bigger and brighter full moon than usual.  Moonrise is 8:45 PM, so let's plan on an 8:30 swim.

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Kahuna said...

Last Swim: Friday, 5:30 am
Next swim ... tonight, 6:00 p.m.?
Water Temp: 60?
Waves: none, just some low, slow swells from the southeast
Water Clarity: not clear
Crew: Kahuna
First day of summer, nice sunrise, pretty good conditions -- where's the Krew?