Friday, June 28, 2013

Becomming Macho Swimmers

Next Swims:
   Saturday June 29th @ 1pm
   Sunday June 30th @ 1pm (Estabrook Beer Garden to follow)

Last Swims:
   Friday 6/28 @ 5:30am
      Water Temp:  53.4 (per Captn's Macho-meter)
      Air Temp:  66 & sunny
      Waves:  calm
      Clarity:  crystal
      Crew:  The Patriarch, Diablo, Gumdrop, Showgirl, David, Geofrey, John, Julie, Erin and Capt'n
      Skin Count: 1  (Mucho Macho Man Diablo)
      Suit Count: 9 

Ordinary swimmers may shy away from swimming when the 53 degree water bites at your toes and fingers....but after getting up early and arriving at the beach at 5:30am under perfect swimming conditions the Klode Kru enjoyed a Macho Man/Woman swim this morning.   "We've come this wimpin' out now!"...The Patriarch exclaimed as he walked the plank.  In addition to the pristine swim conditions also highlighting this morning's swim were Showgirl's threesome and several notable comments regarding Showgirls wetsuit.  :)

   Thursday 6/27 @ 5:30am
   (posted by Showgirl)      Water Temp: mid 50's?
      Air Temp: Warm and lovely
      Waves: None
      Clarity: Good not great
      Crew: Kahuna, Showgirl and probably Diablo
      Suit Count: 2
      Skin Count: 1 (Diablo)
Pre-swim Kahuna said, "this is like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane." As in, why would one want to leave a warm bed to swim at 5:30am? But as usual, the swim was great, and was an enormous reward for getting up early.

   Wednesday 06/26 5:30AM-ish
   (posted by Showgirl)      water Temp: upper 50's?
      Air Temp: Warm but dropping
      Waves: few
      Clarity: crystal clear near shore, stirred up further out
      Crew: Diablo, Gumdrop, Showgirl
      Skin Count: 3!

It was a brisk swim south to the picnic table and back around the rocks for a little extra distance. It was also my first skin swim of 2013, and as we all know, once you go skin, there's no going back

   Monday 06/24, 5:30am 
   (posted by Showgirl)      Water Temp: 51
      Air Temp: low to mid 70's and muggy
      Waves: almost none
      Clarity: crystal
      Crew: Showgirl, with guest appearance by Been Speed! (and his thermometer)
      Suit Count: 1.5

I was hoping this might be my first skin swim of the summer..... until I put my toe in the chilly water. I suited up and swam south to the pipe/concrete things.

When I got back to the beach there was Ben Speed, who told me the water was 51

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