Monday, June 3, 2013

Flying the Colors

Next Swim: TBD
Last Swim: Saturday June 1st, 1:00PM
Water Temp: 50, brrrrrrrr
Waves: Small Chop
Water Clarity: Good
Crew:  From left to right: Andy, Kahuna, Cap'n, Ryan, and me (observing, way too cold for THIS Patriarch, I'll take the plunge when it's closer to 60)

Here's a recap of last year's statistics.  Because of the early start and high temps of last summer, each of these numbers is a record.  No previous summer has even come close.

Total Lake Swims: 167
Streak: 110 days
Swim Days: 122
Wetsuit Plank Counter:474
Skin Plank Counter: 667
Shots of Killepitsch poured: 230

It was good to be back on the beach with the crew again, even if only watching.  We traded obligatory insults and celebrated the swim and the day with a Pitsch.  Kahuna's new skull and crossbones flag was the perfect touch.  Mermaids of Whitefish beware!  The Klode Kru has returned.

Hpoe to see you on the beach soon!

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Gumdrop said...

Next Swim: Tomorrow sunrise?
Last Swim: 6-4-13 6 AM
Water Temp: 48 (according to the rubber ducky-o-meter)
Waves: Flat
Water Clarity: Good

A sun rise salutation, seagulls dive bombing for breakfast, and the lady’s loves bites during early morning consciousness, once and again another beautiful refreshing start to the day! The Lady calls, the song has been sung, and a convening is in order for those who are daring and hardy enough to receive her bounties’. What say ye, Arr ya in?.