Monday, July 16, 2012

They Never Knew

Next Swims: Tue 7/17 6AM & 6PM, and Wed 7/18 6AM (and maybe 6PM too, check back)

Last Swims: Mon 7/16 6AM & 6PM
Water Temp: 70, but cooler pockets in some places
Waves: Small Rollers
Water Clarity:  Not good near shore, but excellent away from shore
AM Crew: Gumdrop, Showgirl, Diablo, Brain, David, Kahuna, Patriarch
PM Crew: Jack Frost, Ele, Kungfu, Patriarch, and about ten triathletes whose names I don't know

Several of the triathletes had never swum in Lake Michigan before, despite having lived here for years or even their whole lives.  They never knew how much fun was to be had right at their doorstep.  They were amazed how good the swimming is.

Here's the thing.  The papers and newscasts are full of negative stories about Lake Michigan.  Sewage overflows, invasive species, algae blooms, polluted beaches, drownings, etc. etc.  The lake can be cold, rough, murky, frightening, dangerous.  It's not surprising that most people think that only a certified nut cake would swim in the Lake.  It's all true, but there's another side to the story, one that's seldom told.  Despite all the problems, all the degradation, all the insults that man can hurl at her, despite all that and more, the Lake is still beautiful, awe inspiring, wild and free.  And on certain days, like today, it can be warm, clear, calm, inviting, fun, addicting.  Perhaps by swimming in her we are doing our little bit to restore the beauty that few others see.


Gumdrop said...

Yesterday morn upon our morning swim Showgirl and I spied a somewhat unusual site. So naturally, I had to go snooping around in exploration. What appeared to be an unusual vessel with 2 attractive young ladies sailing the waters of our Lady of the Lake, was in fact just that. Upon my swimming out to their near shore vessel I had a very nice conversation with the adventurous two-some. Their vessel was indeed a homemade dug out (from a 40” cottonwood tree) with outriggers and a sail. After 4 years of preparing their vessel they are now sailing and paddling the circumference of the lake. Starting out from Indiana, I intercepted them on their 15 th day of a planned 2-3 month journey of sailing up from Indiana to the tip of the lake and back down the Michigan side. How exciting is that??!! All the details can be checked out on their blog.

Kahuna said...

Great stuff Gumdrop and Patriarch. Here's another link folks might be interested in, regarding the September 2, 2012, "Swim Across Paris" ("La Traversee de Paris a la Nage"): How's that for some swim scenery? (Well, OK, at least above the water, I doubt underwater clarity in the Seine is very good.) Good for the frogs for bringing back a race that hasn't been held for 60 years, and putting some effort into cleaning up a major urban waterway. When will we be able to host a 2.5 or 10 K swim in the Milwaukee River?