Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Next Swims: 6AM Thu July 12
I'm not sure about 6PM, as I think most people will be doing the Bastille Run at 9PM

Last Swims: Wed 7/11 6AM & 6PM
Water Temps:  Unbelievably warm: 74+
Waves: small rollers
Water Clarity:  Cloudy near shore, clear away from shore (maybe 50 meters away)
AM Crew: Showgirl, Gumdrop, Jeff, Diablo, Crash, Brain, Phil, Patriarch
PM Crew: Aimee, Jason, Jack Frost, Kahuna, Patriarch, with swimmer-to-be Cal and mom to be again Claudia

Terrific swimming continues.  Are we getting spoiled?  We will be able to handle sub-70 water anymore?  Normally we have only a handful of days like this in a year, I've never seen anything like this.  We're swimming longer and more frequently than ever before, and I'd go even further if my arms and shoulders weren't so tired.


Showgirl said...

Anybody attending this event on Saturday?

Jeff said...

The lake feels wonderful. I hope it stays this warm until November!

Kahuna said...

Showgirl: Yes, absolutely.