Friday, July 27, 2012

Fish Fry Friday

Next Swims: Fri 7/27 6PM, followed by a fish fry at Jack Pandls
Also, Sat 9AM, Sunday TBD

Last Swim: Fri 6AM
Water Temp: 70
Waves: a little choppy
Water Clarity: Good
Crew: Gumdrop, Showgirl, Cap'n, Patriarch, Diablo, Ali, Flipper, plus a couple triathletes whose names I don't know, and a mystery swimmer who we spotted heading out deep (Eric?)

We'll stop at Jack Pandl's after tonight's swim, about 7:15.  Once I determine who is all coming I'll try to call for a reservation.  So if you're not swimming but coming to the fish fry please comment or email or text so that I can include you in the count.

Jack Pandl's is right on Lake Drive about a mile south of Klode and a short distance north of Big Bay (on the big sweeping curve).  One cool thing about eating there is the pictures they have on the wall of the resort that used to be there (the remnants of which we can see above and below the water as we swim between Klode and Big Bay).

Saturday morning we'll swim at 9AM, and we'll discuss Sunday's plan at the fish fry.

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