Friday, July 6, 2012

The Mumbo Jumbo

Next Swims: Friday July 6, 6:00PM
Sat & Sun; 9AM? (I am flexible, if there is a better time let me know)

Last Swims: Thu 7/5 6AM, Thu 6PM, Fri 7/6 6AM
Water Temps:  low 60's
Waves:  one foot chop
Water Clarity:  Good
Thu AM crew:  Kahuna, Diablo, Patriarch
Thu PM Crew: Cap'n, Gumdrop, Showgirl, Scott, two Mikes, Patriarch
Fri AM Crew: Diablo, Showgirl, Gumdrop, Patriarch, with Cap'n on the shore

The calm conditions of a week ago has given way to choppy water with stronger currents, or "the mumbo jumbo" as Diablo calls it.  Or perhaps he was referring to Cap'n.  The waves and currents have brought up somewhat cooler water, now in the low 60s, but we must be adapting because most people are swimming skin these days.  It seems each season we get a little braver - or a little dumber.

Even rougher water is possible this weekend - 3-5 foot waves in the forecast.   I am proposing 9AM swim times for the weekend (the waves will be smaller in the mornings).  But I am flexible, please comment if another time would be better.


Gumdrop said...

Gumdrop like big waves!

Diablo said...