Sunday, July 22, 2012

Running Out of Superlatives

Next Swims: Mon 7/23 6AM & 6PM, Tue 6AM

Last Swims:  Fri 7/20 6PM, Sat 7/21noon, Sun 7/22 noon
Water Temps: low to mid 70's
Waves:  Fri PM choppy, Calm Sat & Sun
Water Clarity:  Murky Fri, a little better Sat, crystal clear Sun
Fri PM Crew: Cap'n, Patriarch, Jason, Mary, Slip&Slide, eRun
Sat Crew: Patriarch, Cap'n, Jason, Diablo, Kim, Chris, Crash, Phil, Lauren, plus Jack Frost and his brother Steve who swam at 7AM
Sun Crew: Phil & Friend, Brian, Lauren, Cap'n, Patriarch, Gumdrop, Diablo, Padre, Dave, Not Dave's Wife, Sarah, Ali, Crash, Kim, David, Jack Frost

I am running out of superlatives.  I consider a "perfect" swim day to be warm (70+), calm, and clear water.  We've had more of those this month than we've had in the last three years.  The swimming today and yesterday seemed almost effortless compared to our struggles with the waves the previous two days.

Cap'n is bugging me to firm up social calendar.  Of course he's right, summer will be gone before we know it.  Therefore I declare this Friday 7/27 to be Klode Kru Fish Fry Night.  Please comment on a good place somewhere near the north shore.  My personal favorite is North Star, but I'm not sure they could handle a large group on a Friday night.

Coming soon: Lisa's Pizza Night, Picnic at Patriarch's, and (hopefully) a repeat of Steve's awesome party, and Dave's Plunge (jumping off Daves boat a ways offshore and swimming back to the beach. Also coming soon: shipwreck swim (swim out to the wreck of the steamship Appomattox off Atwater Beach).  There are also some malcontents pushing for a Big Bay to Atwater swim.


Kahuna said...

What about team picture day? What about the "Gumdrop Ugly Swimsuit Day" (no photos allowed that day).

Lauren Harper said...

These lake swims as of late have been like a vacation!!!